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Management and Leadership Essay

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Management and Leadership
Teresa Abballe
May 23rd, 2011
Robert Wenger

Management and Leadership

T-Mobile is a wireless service provider currently undergoing a number of changes because of a current merger with AT&T.   T-Mobile is an organization quite familiar with organizational changes and adjustments.   In 1994 T-Mobile was launched and originally known as VoiceStream Wireless.   Throughout the years many aspects of this organization have changed, but T-Mobile is has been an incredibly successful and innovative company in the telecommunications industry.   The management and leadership of an organization are vital components to any successful business.   As T-Mobile continues to change through this most current merger, it will be essential for this organization to the proper level of management and leadership. This will ensure T-Mobile’s ability to maintain a health organizational culture and build a strong team.  

Management and Leadership
Many distinctions can be made between managers and leaders.   Bateman and Snell (2009) discuss these differences in the following: “Management requires structuring the organization, staffing it with capable people, and monitoring activities; leadership goes beyond these functions by inspiring people to attain the vision” (p. 437).   A manager must be able to understand and interpret the rules and regulations of an organization to his or her employees.   Managers must also be able to carry out all of the functions of management.   Leadership is a personality trait that not every manager or person can possess.   These personality traits include drive, leadership motivation, integrity, self-confidence, and knowledge of the business (p. 442).   A great leader must also have another personality trait that stands alone because it is so vital to...

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