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Macbeth Murder Scene Essay

  • Submitted by: YEAHYEAH
  • on April 13, 2008
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Macduff has declared Macbeth “…fiend of Scotland” in Act four because of his immoral actions. Macbeth has done many things that attest to this title and these actions eventually lead him to his own downfall.   His greatest fault is investing his life on the witches’ prophecies; the witches’ prophecies spark an inner desire in Macbeth to become king of Scotland. This inner desire then transcends in Macbeth killing the former King of Scotland, his first unacceptable act. This act of treachery though, awards him with the title of King; making Macbeth devote more of his time on making the witches’ prophecies come true. His fear of Banquo’s prophecies coming true and his fear of Banquo’s suspicion towards him lead him to do his second impious act which is killing his dear friend Banquo. At this point Macbeth has become selfish, power-hungry and is willing to do whatever possible to hold his position as king of Scotland. Macbeth has shown a very dramatic change in his character from the beginning of the play. Macbeth was brave, loyal, ethical, and admirable and these qualities can be said to be essential in an effective political leader; but now Macbeth has become power-hungry, greedy, corrupt and vengeful and these qualities are unacceptable in a political leader. The most appalling action that Macbeth takes is killing Macduff’s family which consists of Macduff’s innocent wife and his young son. This action has no justification but is rather done to have revenge on Macduff for threatening to take his title away from him. Macbeth has become so dependent on the witches’ prophecies that he has lost his knowledge of what is right and what is wrong.   Macbeth has earned the title “… fiend of Scotland” not only because of the immoral actions he has taken but because he has done no good to the country as a whole. Having the title of king has done nothing but create worry in Macbeth of losing it. He is too concerned in maintaining his position as king that he has lost the loyalty...

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