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Logic Essay

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Chapter 3
"Bob is a convicted felon. So what he says cannot be true" commits a(n) (Points : 1) ad hominem fallacy.
tu quoque fallacy.
fallacy ad verecundiam.
Red Herring fallacy. |

2. A person who is shown his or her argument commits a fallacy should (Points : 1) run screaming from the room.
argue louder.
add another fallacy.
revise the argument. |

3. The following might be regarded as committing the fallacy of the loaded question. (Points : 1) Do you have any bananas?
Is adultery immoral?
Have you quit cheating on your wife?
Why don't you quit cheating on your wife? |

4. "If that wasn't illegal, then it wouldn't be against the law" may commit which fallacy? (Points : 1) Begging the question
Chinese room fallacy
Slippery slope fallacy
Appeal to pity |

5. "The Senator wants to cut spending on police. I guess she doesn't care if we all get murdered" may commit which fallacy? (Points : 1) Straw man fallacy
False Cause
Appeal to popularity
No fallacy committed |

6. "After the asteroid hit the earth, there was a tornado. So the asteroid caused the tornado" might commit which fallacy? (Points : 1) Appeal to popularity
Begging the question
False cause
Loaded question |

7. A fallacy is an argument that (Points : 1) is a weak inductive argument.
makes a mistake in deriving a conclusion.
has a false conclusion.
is a sound inductive argument. |

8. "All dogs like bones; Sirius is a dog; therefore Sirius likes bones" may commit which fallacy? (Points : 1) No fallacy committed
Ad canem
Slippery slope fallacy
Begging the question |

9. “That coin, when flipped, will either come up heads or tails" may commit which fallacy? (Points : 1) Slippery slope fallacy
No fallacy committed
False dichotomy
Begging the question |

10. After being told that she is being punished for lying, a child responds by telling her mother that she also lied. This response may involve which fallacy? (Points : 1) Ad homimen (tu quoque)

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