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Lit. Crit. Essay

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  • on February 5, 2013
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Caroline Clark   The Paper    
“The art hall is opening tomorrow!” I yelled at my brother, he was a paternal brother. This is because of our parent’s death when I was young.  
“ Yup! And I am going to win the opening competition! “
said my brother trying to look tuff sticking his chest out.
“ I know you will, shouldn’t we go amass your paintings for the competition?”
“ I almost forgot, I will be right back stay here!” I concur and wait outside his office. Then, I saw a pauper boy leaning against a tree. He seemed to be very focused on a antiquated pot.
“ Hmmm, I wonder if he is entering the art hall opening competition.”
The small, ratted boy saw me staring at him with questioning eyes, and he walked over towards me.
“ Hello, my name is Mark, Can you help me?” I would usually say yes, but in this small town it is heresy to talk to people like Mark. Some may even be chastised for speaking to such a ratted and torn up looking boy.
I have been taught to treat all people equal no matter their class. I smile at him and nod.
“ Of course I will help you, Are you hungry?” He looked at me and shook his head no.
“ I need to figure out who made this pot, and I can’t go into the library without an adult.” Mark said holding up his old pot with washed out drawings on it.
“ Okay, the library is over near the art hall, let me go leave a note for my brother so he doesn’t worry.” He smiles at me and thanks me greatly.
When we entered the library, the librarian Ms. Hope came running up to us in excitement.
“Hello, My name is Ms. Hope how may I help you?” said Ms. Hope smiling. Mark smiled back and showered her his pot.
“Oh! This is very nice my boy. I suspect you would like to research it? “ She questioned us.
“ Yes ma’am, Mark here is wondering who made this mold,”   “He found it here so I am guessing it was a past artist studying at the college.” I said
“ I will do what I can for you two, and will be right back,” she said and ran off looking at old...

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