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Linear Programming Essay

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Executive Summary
Maintaining employees and employee scheduling is a very big job, more so because each employee is different and one can encounter many different things with these different employees. However; one thing that remains the same between each and every employee that works for any company is simply this, they all want to be paid their correct amount of money owed and they want it paid on time. So what does this mean for you? There must be some sort of system in place that schedules the correct amount of employees needed, for correct shifts and correct position i.e. fulltime or part-time. With that being said, the purpose of this document is to teach you (the store manager) how to employ a customer service employee daily assignment schedule for Acme Mexico City using integer linear programming.
In the excel document you will find that a daily schedule has been created to show specifically the amount of employees needed, at what time and when their scheduled lunch and/or dinner break is. The schedule also depicts the total hours occurred by the employees and total cost occurred to the company. This scheduled was created using integer linear programming which is simply a method of mathematics that achieves the best outcomes when a linear relationship is present. Using the integer linear programming, it optimizes the linear equality or inequality constraints.
A few important categories to look at closely is the minimum verses the   maximum amount of employee’s used, actual hours worked versus the hours scheduled, open slots where no one is scheduled for a particular time and the overall total cost occurred to the store. All cost was totaled salary earned per day by the number of employees worked was taken. For example salary earned per day is $1100 by 8 employees which totals $8800
Underlying Assumptions
One of the most important tasks of an AMC store manager is scheduling employees.   When creating the work schedule, it is essential to meet the needs...

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