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Less Than Lethal Weapens Essay

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  • on July 7, 2012
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Less than lethal weapens

What are the two major less than lethal weapons developed for law enforcement? Two major less then lethal weapons developed for law enforcement would be Tasers and Aerosol Chemical Agents.
How have these weapons helped law enforcement and reduce injury? If I was a police officer I think that I would rather use a taser on someone then a gun. With a gun you probably have more of a chance of hurting and killing someone then what you do if you were to use a taser.   I found this fact. “16,880 law enforcement agencies in 107 countries deploy tasers resulting in 89,000 people lives saved from potential death or serious injury.” That really is a big number of lives saved. Just think of the lives that would not have been saved from using a gun. I would think at least half or more would have resulted in death. “Tasers have reduced officer and suspect injuries by as much as 30 to 80 percent in some communities. Nearly all law enforcement agencies that use tasers see a decrease in injuries. The success of taser programs has been in reducing injuries to officers and suspects compared to traditional pain compliance tools such as fists, tackles, baton strikes, and impact weapons.” (TASER, 2012)
Aerosol chemical agent is also one of the two major less then lethal weapons developed for law enforcement.
Aerosol chemical agents are used to help keep the public under control. For example if there is one officer but say 50 people and they are all coming after him or the officer is trying to get things in order he might have to use the agent   to help gain control. “Because police officers are charged with enforcing the law and maintaining public order, they are frequently placed in situations where they must attempt to manage or control an otherwise free citizen. Whether an encounter leads to an actual arrest or merely a temporary detention for questioning, these intrusions are often unwelcome. It is not uncommon for such police intervention to be...

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