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Laziness Essay

  • Submitted by: mojaverat8600
  • on October 30, 2008
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One Change

Laziness, a common trait that plagues victims worldwide, yet still is close enough to home to be acquired. If this problem could be changed I would start with myself. It is a bad characteristic that can follow you throughout your life and it can only affect you in a negative manner. When you’re lazy you are constantly being plagued with tasks that never see their end. This trait is one of the most common and most harmful.
The word lazy is described in the dictionary as being disinclined to activity or exertion, not energetic or vigorous; encouraging inactivity or indolence. Than it’s later described as not rigorous or ‘strict’, with emphasis on strict as it has become something that in cases is completely nonexistent. This word should be one discussed all year long and in cases should be reviewed to remind our students who are now the future of the country and if this topic cant be talked about and done away with early on it leaves for few opportunities later in life and even in the future of our government.
It affects me in every aspect of my life, in many ways, but mostly hurts me most in school. If I can’t learn to not be lazy it will most likely hurt me significantly in my life. I really have tried to change it even doings things outside school to help and hopefully it will carry over into my other work. I have seen a little progress in my laziness, especially in writing this essay, but there is plenty more progress to be made. School is the main focus when it comes to correcting my laziness. Laziness should be corrected there first due to the fact that now schooling is your education and your education can determine your whole life and how your career choice will play out.
Laziness has become a strong issue especially in our country the United States. It has been looked at by other countries with sharp eyes on our education system. It has been said that our school systems have been taken for granted and students take advantage of the leniency...

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