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In face to face conversation in a chat show on T.V you would expect to see features such as turn taking and seizing the floor. If the interviewer and the interviewee are relaxed with each other, then you would also expect to see colloquial language as they would be building a rapport. Lady Gaga is an international pop star, who is renowned for her eccentric dress sense and being edgy and weird. This has led to her having a large gay following. Jonathan Ross on the other hand, is a national figure, and is also seen as quite quirky. They are both there for the same reason though, to achieve their pragmatic intentions, Lady Gaga’s is to promote her new tour, and strengthen her rapport with her fans. Whereas Jonathan Ross’s is to get new information out of lady Gaga, something never revealed before.
  As the interview starts LG sits facing towards the audience, not facing JR. This again shows how she achieves her pragmatic intention, although this again blanks out JR. However JR’s body language is eager and keen, he is leaning towards LG and trying to achieve eye contact with LG. Their paralinguistics are very different, portraying their contrasting pragmatic intentions. When the pair do make eye contact, LG cannot retain it for very long and seems very awkward. Also, LG’s foot tapping and how she looks very defensive with her arms very close to her body shows her being uncomfortable, whereas JR looks very relaxed, this is probably because it is his job and he is used to it.
Jonathan Ross uses a lot of positive language and praise towards Lady Gaga to build a rapport with her. “doesn’t she look spectacular!” JR does this so he can build a relationship with LG, this also engages the audience, as they want to see a light hearted conversation. JR flatters LG a lot, and when talking about her awards says “that’s incredible”, JR expects LG to respond with an extended utterance, but she does not. The only positive language LG gives out is towards her fans “I really love...

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