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Kinsey Essay

  • Submitted by: hannah1000
  • on November 16, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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When I first sat down to watch this movie I truly did not know what to expect. This movie was unlike any movie I had ever watched before and I would probably not chose to watch this movie although it did keep me very entertained. The movie was about a man named Alfred Kinsey. Kinsey had been interested in biology since he was a child. His father, professor Alfred Seguine Kinsey, did not think his interest in biology was a good way to spend his time because he followed very strong Christian beliefs. Kinsey goes on to become a professor focusing his study on gall wasps. Kinsey gets asked about human sexual behavior by his students and finds he doesn’t have the answer. He then decides to study sexuality. He begins teaching a marriage course that becomes very popular. When he sees that morals don't mirror sexual behavior, he decides to conduct a massive sex survey by studying a questionnaire given to his students. His wife tells him that students might lie on a questionnaire but would most likely be truthful if interviewed in person. Kinsey takes a lot of heat from the public about conducting these interviews but he and his team perfect their interview technique to get rid of any embarrassment or shame. When the study is released the press was shocked because talking about sex was considered taboo at the time. When he did his follow up study on women, it is considered to be an attack on American values. Kinsey’s teammates abandon him just as his health begins to fail him and he has a heart attack. Kinsey devoted his life to sexual research and really paved the way for others to follow in his footsteps. He changed the way we talk about sex and helped support homosexuals. Through his research, he learned a lot about love and his own relationship. The movie ends with he and his wife going on a nature walk and she talks about a tree that has been there for a thousand years. Kinsey says that the tree seems to display a strong love in the way its roots grip the earth....

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