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TMA 02 Assignment Part A

What care services are available to people with long term health conditions and why is it important that these services should take into account individuals sensitivities and circumstances? Base your argument on either the Ann and Angus or the Anwar case study in Block 1.

There are many different care services available to people with long term help conditions, although this can sometimes be a lengthy process regarding accessing them due to waiting lists.   You may feel that it is paramount that you are seen as a priority but there could be many more people ahead of you.   Care services available could be the following:- GP, practice nurse, community nurse including (CMHN) hospital consultants, occupational therapists, physiotherapist and other specialist Doctors and nurses.

In this essay I will be using diabetes as the long term health condition and Anwars case study.   We will see the challenges that he may face, and what support that would be available to help him overcome his challenges.

There are two different forms of diabetes, type 1 diabetes is where people don’t produce insulin at all because of the damage to the pancreas gland and type 2 is where people no longer produce enough insulin, this is usually later in life.   Type 2 is not potentially fatal unlike type 1. Diabetes has no cure but can be managed through the right treatment.

Looking at the Anwar case he kept putting off the fact that he was beginning to feel unwell, he was in denial that there was anything wrong with him, he felt that it is his duty to be the man of the house and to provide for his family.   He finally decided to do go the GP after being advised by the optometrist.   Anwar was also showing signs of diabetes, he started feeling more tired, lethargic and was always thirsty, these are the main signs, this then caused him concerns.

On visiting the GP, Anwar explained how he had been feeling, although he did find this difficult as the Doctor was...

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