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John Galsworthy. "The Man Of Property". Analysis.

  • Submitted by: ngocanhanhquang
  • on January 5, 2012
  • Category: English
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the moon and sixpence
25 Tháng 10
After reading chapter 41 of “the moon and
sixpence”, I would like to say something about Strickland’s attitude to woman. He
claimed that he doesn’t want love and hasn’t time for it. For him, women are
only the instruments to satisfy his sexual desire. Moreover, women have a small
mind and they resent the abstract which they are unable to grasp. “The soul of
man wanders through the uttermost regions of the universe, and she seeks to
imprison it in the circle of her account-book.” Although his attitude is
negative, I think it is not completely wrong. I agree that a woman or a wife
often cares more about managing household expenses than her passions. However,
it is easy to understand that because for women, family plays an important
role. In short, I do not like this character because of his viewpoint about
women and life.
The moon and sixpence
In London, s almost has everything a happy family
with a good wife and two nice good looking children. He has a stable job as a
stock market broker. He has a good reputation. In other word, he has a good
position to be envious by everyone.
In Paris, his life is a big contrast with the life
in London. He has no family member, no job, no reputation. In his formal life
is spent a great comfort then in Paris. It is scanty and uncomfortable. He is a
house painter to survive and to satisfy his desire for art. He cares nothing
for warm clothes, luxurious cares. Most of his money he earns he spends on
painting materials. He takes any chances to be an artist.
Former, he is rich, comfortable, successful,
respected. He was happy in outdoorer’s eyes. Latter, he is uncomfortable,
unsuccessful, criticized. It is unnecessary to give up family to become an
artist. It is unreasonable and heartless. In new place, he appears and looks
miserable and flattering. The happiest period is when he achieved his goal with
his masterpiece. He is a man to live and die with art. He makes...

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  • Submitted by: ngocanhanhquang
  • on January 5, 2012
  • Category: English
  • Length: 12,372 words
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