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Jack Hartnett Ceo Of Sonic Essay

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Jack Hartnett, the president of Texas-based D.L. Rogers Corp. and most importantly home to the Sonic franchise is no doubt a very accomplished leader.   As I have previously learned, there is a major difference between an effective and successful leader.   I would describe Hartnett’s leadership style as a successful leader.   With many years of record profits and multimillions in annual sales, the D.L. Rogers model is tempting to reproduce.   However, Hartnett’s management style is very unorthodox.   It is my belief that Jack Hartnett’s success in leadership thrives because his subordinates act as independent operators, not employees.   His managers partner with D.L. Rogers Corp., so it’s in their best interest to make more money.   (Balloon, 1998:64)   Jack Hartnett lives by his eight corporate rules: I don’t steal from you, you don’t steal from me, I don’t lie to you, you don’t lie to me, if I have to do your job I want your money, never do anything to ruin the reputation of the restaurant, if it doesn’t make good common sense don’t do it, I will only tell you one time. (Klara, 1996:46)   I consider Jack Hartnett a successful leader because of his goal achievement, smooth internal process, and external adaptability.   As previously stated, Hartnett sets record annual profits year after year, produces a quality product and service, and addresses the needs of his customers by his nostalgic and quick service.   Kristin Anderson, a business consultant with experience in the field, states, “He may be creating a cult of personality where he gains control through the guise of offering personal assistance…” (Balloon, 1998:63-64)   Anderson was then quoted after analyzing Rogers business model, “A manager and owner’s job is not to be a parent figure or a psychologist, nor is it to erase that line between work and home.” (Klara, 1996:46)   Hartnett performs some strange team building exercises.   Once a quarter Hartnett holds a “lock-in” meeting, bringing his supervisors to an...

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