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Islam- What Is The Concept Of God In Islam? Essay

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  • on April 18, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Islam- What Is The Concept Of God In Islam?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

What is the concept of God in Islam?
Surah Ikhlas:
"Say: He is Allah,
The One and Only.
"Allah, the Eternal, Absolute.
"He begets not, nor is He begotten.
And there is none like unto Him."
                        [Al-Qur’an 112:1-4]
First of all we have to know what the meaning of “Allah” is.   The term "Allah" the Almighty is originally an Arabic word, which was used by the pre-Islamic Arabs. It is written in the majestic Arabic plural which shows the respect to a/one “person”.
The Muslims prefer calling the supreme creator, Allah, instead of by the English word ‘God’. The Arabic word, ‘Allah’, is pure and unique, unlike the English word ‘God’, which can be played around with. If you add ‘s’ to the word God, it becomes ‘Gods’, that is the plural of God. Allah is one and singular, there is no plural of Allah. If you add ‘dess’ to the word God, it becomes ‘Goddess’ that is a female God. There is nothing like male Allah or female Allah. Allah has no gender. They believed in Allah, the Almighty, the supreme God and the one and only God. “There is no God but God” (5:73); “God is but one God” (4:171) or “Your God is one god, so submit to Him” (22:34) are just few verses from the holy Qur´an which are describing Him. Without these descriptions it would be hard for the human beings to understand who he is really. Everything which is included in the Qur´an is his speech.
If you want to understand who God is you have to understand the Qur´an. The Qur´an is not easy to read but with the explanations and comments that have developed over 1400 years it is easier to understand. Today it is not hard to find good interpretations about the verses of the Qur´an. The words in the Holy Verses are the speech of God. He is the "originator of the heavens and the earth" (2:117, 42:11) The Islamic concept of God is that God has power over all things. The Qur´an says in several places (2:106; 2:284; 17:77; and 35:1) “For verily Allah has power over all things” or “Allah is the...

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