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Is Google Making Us Stupid? Essay

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Is Google Making Us Stupid?
Katherine Bonnette
English 140- Marian Dillahunt
In this paper I will be discussing “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr. The main idea of this article is to inform the reader how the internet can change the way we think. As the internet becomes our primary source of searching information, it is affecting our ability to read books and other long writings that would be hard to focus on. This process rewires our brains endangering natural human experiences, even as it offers the benefits of knowledge.
The author begins the essay with an explanation of what is going on in the last scene of the movie A Space Odyssey. Carr writes how the main character, Dave, who is an astronaut, is tearing out the memory circuits to an artificial brain that controls the space ship he is in. The brain had malfunctioned causing the ship trouble, putting Dave’s life at stake. He could not let this go on anymore so he decided this had to be done. As he pulls out the last few cords, HAL, the artificial brain, says “Dave, my mind is going, I can feel it. I can feel it.”
Carr begins to talk about his own brain and thinking patterns have been changing. He explains how it is difficult for him to even enjoy reading a book anymore. The internet seems to be affecting his ability to concentrate. He says he feels as if someone or something has been tinkering with his brain. The author goes on into detail about his changing brain functions and how he used to be able to sit for hours and just read page after page of a lengthy article or book. He would get caught up in the arguments being made or the characters personality. Now, he has to repetitively drag his mind back to the text he is reading. After a few pages Carr will start to drift off and begin doing something else, until he realizes he is off track of what he was doing in the first place.
What used to come naturally to the author is now a task. He realizes that he has been using the web to...

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