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Interview Sample Essay

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Sample Interview Transcript
Alisa Belzer-interviewer
January 29. 1993

A: Okay, well let’s leave, since now you’re out of school, let’s leave school behind for now. As an adult, what are some of the ways you’ve gone about trying to become a better reader and writer?

M: When I’m walking down the street. I look at things. When I’m sitting on the bus, I might look at the signs and read them. I read a little more now than I used to. I don’t always have time to go home and pick up a book and read because I have three kids.

A: Right. So that’s something you think would make you a better reader, but you don’t usually have time to do it.

M: Oh yeah. If you could pick up a book everyday it would make you a better reader.

A: How do you know?

M:   Oh I know that for a fact. That’s why I’m at where I’m at today because when I just had that one (child), I was able to do that. One child is a big difference than three- I was able to do more then for myself than I am now. Like Mr._________   (another learner in the program) for instance, Mr._________   is much (more) advanced than I am. That’s because he can pick up a book every day, practically every day. His wife helps him. I don’t have nobody to help me, and when I get stuck on something, I get fed up. I put it down and try to begin the next day. But I may not have the time for the next day. When my kids go to sleep. I’m read to go to sleep. Or I might just want to sit up, look at a picture and relax my mind. And wind up letting the TV watch me. It’s real difficult.

A: So the difference between you and Mr._________   are that he has more time and he has someone to help him?

M: Right, right.

A: Anything else that makes it different for him?

M: He don’t have as much responsibilities as I do. He’s older. I believe he’s still working, but nothing like a full-time job- He don’t have as many worries as I do. He been where I’m trying to get. He may own his home already. And that’s a big difference.

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