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Initial Weight Loss Screed For Miss E Essay

  • Submitted by: emmylou
  • on September 6, 2011
  • Category: Psychology
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As you go deeper and deeper into relaxation, even deeper and deeper down with every breath you exhale, all the sounds fade away in the distance. You will pay attention only to the sound of my voice, listening carefully to the suggestions that I am about to give you. Through this course of hypnotherapy you are going to develop new eating habits, but over and above this you will be content and happy with yourself and with these new heating habits. You are going to enjoy life, eating the way nature intended, eating only when you have physiological needs for food and no other time; not only now, but for the rest of your life.

Become aware of your whole body, see your body as a complex organism, building and growing and nurturing you. You want to provide it with healthy foods and plenty of water and plenty of fresh air so that it works smoothly and beautifully.

Imagine your ideal body. Make a bright, close-up, vivid mental image of it. If you can't get a picture then get a feeling. Imagine the way you would stand and move. See yourself in social situations, exercising, eating healthily and enjoying life. Bring this image up as often as you can, every day. Give your subconscious a target to aim for

Weight loss and maintenance is about regaining your self respect. It's about regaining your happiness, and in turn your energy to enjoy life, but it starts with learning a new respect for yourself. When you learn to respect yourself you will lose the fat, exercise, and learn about proper nutrition, and your energy level will go up, your shoulders will go back as your chest stands out, and you will be much happier and able to enjoy life than you have ever been able to before. You are an intelligent, attractive young woman with lots of energy and enthusiasm.   Life is yours for the taking, you can do anything your heart desires, and if you really want to lose weight, you will lose weight, and keep that weight off in the future....

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