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                An information system is defined as “an arrangement of people, data, processes, and information technology that interacts to collect, process, store, and provide as output the information needed to support an organization.” (Whitten and Bentley, 2007, pg. 6)   This system is the bases of most, if not, all businesses these days.   This paper will focus on the information system that is used by brick and mortar stores that also have online counterparts such as Best Buy.   This paper will describe the nature of the stores information system, give information on the company, give information on the company’s baseline problems and show the company’s preliminary problem statement.
Best Buy’s Information System
                Best Buy is a retailer that offers products for sale mainly of the electronic variety, but is also know to sell other things that run on electricity such as appliances.   They offer their goods through brick and mortar stores as well as through their website.   Any way you choose to shop with them, all transactions are processed by a type of information system called a transaction processing system or a TPS.
                A transaction processing system is defined as “an information system that captures and processes data about business transactions.”   They use this data to do a variety of things like update inventory, track sales and profits and losses.  
                Best Buy owns and maintains their information system.   It is mainintained across all their stores globally, as well as online.  
Baseline Problems and Opportunities
                “One of the most important tasks of the scope definition phase is establishing an initial baseline of the problems, opportunities, and/or directives that triggered the project.” (Whitten and Bentley, 2007, pg. 169)   According to Whitten and Bently, each problem is assessed with respect to urgency, visibility, tangible benefits, and priority. (2007, pg. 169)   Best Buy...

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