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Industrial Revolution Essay

  • Submitted by: davide13965
  • on October 30, 2012
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“Britain's economy in its classic “revolutionary phase” was at least as indebted to commerce and the provision of financial services as it was to industrial production”[1]

Orthodox opinion amongst today's historians would concur that the Industrial Revolution occurred between the years 1750 and 1850.   Britain's “Industrial Revolution” may be defined as the country's gradual transformation between manual and domestic and machine and factory driven labour. There are many factors contributing to Britain being the first nation to industrialise.   The order of importance of such factors is open to debate, however this essay will expand upon chosen factors by the student which led to Britain being first to achieve this economic transformation.   Britain had a number of pre-conditions which arguably gave it an advantage in when comparing it to her   European neighbours. Examples of these pre-conditions include Britain's unique geography and a demand for Manufactured goods which was both domestic and international. Furthermore the rise of the cotton and iron industries are also developments considered pivotal to Britain's ground breaking success.

It is widely argued that Britain's pre-conditions were essential in giving the country a head start in the economic race. Britain's Geography gave the country certain advantages. As Britain was an island the country could trade overseas which provided further outlets for British commerce.[2] In addition the country had rivers which created opportunities to build canals and therefore transport merchandise with ease; lowering the cost and speeding up the transport which increased economic efficiency . [3] Furthermore the variety of the landscape meant that in the   event of a crop blight Britain would not be severely affected and also ensured that Britain would have a formidable agricultural system which would prepare the ground for the upcoming economic boom. [4]   Contemporary historian Eric Evans argues that despite other...

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