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In Another Country-Essay

  • Submitted by: svetysihek
  • on September 14, 2011
  • Category: English
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The Interpretation of the Story
“In Another Country” written by Ernest Hemingway
The analysis submitted to your consideration deals with a short story written by a prolific American author of the late 20th century Ernest Hemingway. First of all I’d like to indentify 3 major points of my answer:
-point one gives a brief biographical data of the author
-point two summarizes title, theme and idea, plot, characterization, stylistic devices and gives numerous examples
-point three gives my vision of the text
In the view of above I’d like to begin with the life and style of writing of Ernest Hemingway. Ernest Hemingway is a legendary figure in twentieth-century American literature. His reputation stems not only from his body of written work, but from his adventurous and amorous lifestyle. His crisp, almost journalistic prose style, free of the long, sometimes flowery language common to much of the literature that appeared before him, has won him great acclaim and some of the highest literary honors: The Pulitzer Prize, which he won for his novella, The Old Man and the Sea in 1952; the Nobel Prize for Literature.
The title of the story is very rambling and obscure, because at first glance, "In Another Country," refers to the fact that the narrator is indeed in a foreign land. Yet initially obtaining from the lexical meaning of the word “country”, we get the feeling that it refers mostly to the description of another realm-the "country" of the sick and injured as the story is set in times of the World War I. Such double-natured title possibly engages readers emotionally and makes us guess about the future events. Still from the very start story shares with us the appropriate feeling of isolation.
Now, let’s pass on the themes and ideas of the following story. “Another Country” is possibly the only novel of its time in which every character suffers from a feeling of isolation; each character's life is affected. Whether the character's isolation is a result of...

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