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Important People In My Life Essay

  • Submitted by: kyle912
  • on January 28, 2012
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Important people about your life
Everybody have an important person in their life who can motivate, share moment and be there for them when they needed. My father is a very important to me. He is a very helpful father who always helps me with my study. Even though he is my father, I see him as a best friend to me. And the person who always be there for me when I’m down.
To start with, my father is a very helpful father who always helps me with my education. My father is like another teacher. He always spends time to go through homework problem with me. When I have a problem that I don’t understand, my father always available for me to ask question and he can able to explain it to me helpfully. He also shows me some unique way so I can study faster and able to remember it for long time. My dad was a smart student who has a lot experience through his student life time. That is why he is very helpful person who can teach me new skills and experience for my education. My father is like another teacher for me when I need help with my homework and school education.
In addition, he is not just my father but also a best friend to me. In his free time, he mostly shares his time with me. I like to watch T.V with my father whenever we have free time; soccer is an interest channel that we would watch most of the time.   My father and I love soccer; we think that soccer is a king of sport. In my country, soccer is very popular and most of us would watch it. Soccer is a sport that I like to watch since I was a child. Sometime, we also hang out and my father takes me go to the theater, then we go to eat. However, I see my father as another best friend who have the same the interest and able to share time with me.
Finally, my father he always there for me when I feel down. Sometime I feel sad, he always be there to cheer me up. He tells me funny story to make me laugh or take me out to places and buy me food, drinks, and many snacks. I always feel better when he show his...

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