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Ielts Essay

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  • on February 18, 2013
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www.ieltsbuddy.com - Free online IELTS Advice

Lesson 4:
IELTS Bar and Line Graph
This is an example of an IELTS bar and line graph together. It is not uncommon to get two
graphs to describe at the same time in the IELTS test.
It can look a bit scary at first, but when you look more closely, you'll see it is probably no more
difficult than having one graph.

Take a look at the question and the graph:
You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The line graph shows visits to and from the UK from 1979 to 1999, and
the bar graph shows the most popular countries visited by UK
residents in 1999.
Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features
and make comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.

www.ieltsbuddy.com - Free online IELTS Advice

www.ieltsbuddy.com - Free online IELTS Advice

These are the steps you need to take to describe a bar and line graph together (or any two graphs)
that may differ slightly from when you describe one graph.

When you state what the graph shows, mention both of them. Here is a sample first sentence of
the introduction:
The line graph illustrates the number of visitors in millions from the UK who went
abroad and those that came to the UK between 1979 and 1999, while the bar chart
shows which countries were the most popular for UK residents to visit in 1999.
Remember to write this in your own words and not to copy from the question.
Next you need to mention the key points from the graph. When you do this, mention the most
interesting things from each:

www.ieltsbuddy.com - Free online IELTS Advice

www.ieltsbuddy.com - Free online IELTS Advice
Overall, it can be seen that visits to and from the UK increased, and that France was the
most popular country to go to.

Body Paragraphs
If there are two graphs and a lot of information, you will have to be careful not to describe
everything as you may then have too much information.
Also, the...

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