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Ideal Teacher Essay

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Teaching is a very noble profession. Since the ancient times teachers are highly respected in Pakistan. In reality the teachers are the pillars of a nation. They make the future of a country bright by teaching the citizens of tomorrow. The ideal teachers can produce a nation of educated and disciplined people. According to Plato a teacher is the doctor of the mind. He removes the ignorance from the mind of the student and teaches him knowledge.

An ideal teacher teaches with the spirit of a missionary. He pursues his profession in a devoted and dedicated manner. He is fully conscious of his noble responsibilities. He never shirks his duty and is always ready to impart knowledge to the students.
An ideal teacher is not only a highly learned person, but he has also the ability to transfer his knowledge to the student. He prepares his lessons every day. He does not go to the class unprepared just to kill the time. An ideal teacher also remains a student all his life as he is always increasing his knowledge.

An ideal teacher knows that knowledge is virtue. He tries to make his students virtuous. He tries to enlighten the minds of his students on every subject. He is an ideal teacher in the tradition of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. His hunger for knowledge is insatiable.

An ideal teacher knows the difficulties of his students and tries to remove them. He is just like the friends philosopher and guide of his students. If a student is weak in his studies he helps him. And if a student is intelligent, he encourages him to gather more and more knowledge.

An ideal teacher takes a lot of interest in his students. He knows that the cause of education can only be served if there is a cooperation between the teachers and students. He tries to develop personal relations with the students to know their difficulties and to help them in removing the same.

The ideal teacher tries to be perfect in his behavior and character because he knows that he can...

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