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I Have a Dream, Too Speech Essay

  • Submitted by: kayteelovee
  • on December 19, 2012
  • Category: History
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Through every short story and every interesting movie, many characteristics stand out. Author Judith Ortiz Cofer wrote an outstanding short story called American History. Author Ann Rand the writer of Anthem, writes an interesting combination characteristics. Through these books are many similarities but only one stands out the most. You might wonder how in the world are these two similar but there is an explanation. In both stories, there is a characteristic that pops out from two characters. In American History, a little girl is denied the acceptance of ones mothers because of her race and in Anthem; a man is not accepted because his brilliance is too advanced for the council. Both strive for acceptance and respect and take it upon themselves to get it.
In American History, a girl simply wants to spend the afternoon with her friend from school which in my opinion is not a bad thing. Once she reaches the house, she is denied entrance because of her ethnicity. Few days before this occurred, the government opened a building where immigrants could go and live until they make salary and were in order with the government and became a legal citizen. This little girl was denied hanging out with her friend because she was an immigrant and she was not acceptable in the mother’s eyes; the mother did not want her child being around these types of people. The mother made excuses as to why she could not see her son and reasons like they were moving soon and were busy. This entire little girl wanted was to see her friend, spend time with him, and do some work they had received in school. She now just wants to be accepted for who she is as a person and not what is seen on the outside.
In Anthem, a genius man was brought into a world of controlling mind masters wanting everything to go perfect. In this community was a council who controlled everything. Once this man came along, the council notices he was different. The man was smarter than others, he asked questions other...

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