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Hypothalamus Essay

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  • on March 16, 2011
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Q: Research the effect that the hypothalamus and the pituitary glad have on the regulation of hunger and appetite.

The Vagus nerve has an important role with hunger.   When you eat and information about the taste texture how full you are gets sent via the vagus nerve to the   brain.   The vagus nerve is the "hard wired" channel for communication to the brain. (3
The hypothalamus gland is located in the central region of the brain. The hypothalamus gland controls hormones, feelings of hunger and thirst.   Besides the feeling of hunger the hypothalmus is responsible for the feeling of satisfaction you feel after eating a meal.   it can take up to 20 minutes for the hypothalmus to send signals of the feeling of being full after eating a meal.   Those who want to lose weight need to reset their hypothalamus by eating more slowly.   When we slow down are eating we give the hypothalamus time to understand how much we have eaten and to send signals to stop eating sooner.   When we reset the hypothalamus it helps prevent the body from creating fat reserves and results in weight loss.(1)
The pituitary is a tiny organ about the size of a pea   It is the master gland of the body. producing and secreting many hormones that travel throughout the body and stimulates other glands to produce different types of hormones. (2)
One of the hormones produced is insulin which controls blood sugars.   When blood sugars drop stimulates food intake.   As you eat insulin is released to increase blood sugar.   Body organs depend o insulin to help transport glucose from outside the cells to inside of the cells.   Insulin also directly decreases appetite and apparently this is independent of changing blood glucose levels.   So, insulin has both direct and indirect effects on appetite regulation.
Leptin is another hormone that is produced by fat tissue and than released into the blood and travels to the brain.   If there is a deficiency in producing leptin which causes overeating and morbid...

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