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Hush Hush Essay

  • Submitted by: sideswipe
  • on January 11, 2013
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Book Report                                 Morris Jackson
Hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick
391 Pages
The main character of Hush, hush is Nora Grey who lives in Coldwater, Maine. Nora is a sophomore and sits with her best friend Vee in biology class but when the coach changes the seating chart; Nora ends up sitting next to Patch Cipriano. Patch is a senior who seems to have “failed” the class twice, all the more to make him seem so mysterious to Nora. Nora’s opinion on Patch seems to make him intolerable and unsettling considering he is able to not only attract her with his behavior but repel her as well. Patch starts to pop up in many places that Nora seems to be which also gives her the idea of Patch to be stalking her.
Later on in the book, Nora and Vee meet two guys, Elliot and Jules, the four of them end up going to the Delphic Amusement Park where Nora comes across Patch once again ditches her 3 friends to go and get answers from him Nora ends up riding “The Archangel” with patch and when she returns. Vee is nowhere to be found and so Patch gives her a ride home. Patch invites himself into Nora’s house and the two of them begin to make tacos but that didn’t last long, Patch kissed Nora but strangely she enjoyed it. Day by day, Nora starts to feel more connected to Patch and she also starts to get a lot more suspicious about Elliot who appeared in a newspaper from his old private school that stated that he was involved in a murder case. She sets out to look for Elliot only to get lost and then almost even killed on the bad side of town, she loses her coat which also contains her phone but she finds a way to call Patch.
Nora and Patch end up in a motel where he confesses that he wanted to kill Nora because he was a fallen angel from heaven and if he killed her, he could become human, but instead he ended up falling in love with her. Later on, Nora ends up with Jules who then claims to be Chauncey, a guy who wants revenge on Patch for allowing him to take...

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