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Hunger Of Memory Essay

  • Submitted by: jreed
  • on March 8, 2011
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Jason Reid
Period 2
Hunger of Memory

The characters in the stories Hunger of Memory and Finding Forester, Richard Rodriguez and Jamal Walker share many similarities and differences.   Both of the characters come from very similar backgrounds and face many of the same problems, but also face many different situations throughout the story.   Family, school experience, and external/internal relationships are all very big factors in Jamal and Richard’s lives.
Family is a very important factor in every ones life, but it plays a huge role in both Jamal and Richard’s.   Richard and Jamal both come from a poorer uneducated family.   Jamal’s mother works, but does not have a very steady job and his father is not part of his life.   Jamal’s brother does not go to school and still lives with Jamal and his mom.   They do not live in a very good neighborhood because they can’t afford to live anywhere else. Jamal is very close to his mother and brother throughout the whole film.   Since his father is not in his life he feels that he needs to be as close to his mother as he possibly can. Richard’s parents do not have much education. He is embarrassed that they can’t speak English very well.   At first Richard is close to his family, but once he gets older he does not have a very good relationship with them and distances himself from them.   Richard just thinks that his parents don’t understand him very well. Everyone in his family is always making fun of him for reading so much.
School experience is a very big factor in the teenage life of both Jamal and Richard.   Richard is Mexican and Jamal is African American, so this makes both of them a minority.   Since both of them are very educated and are considered minorities, they both receive scholarships for their academic success.   When Richard first goes to school he has limited English language knowledge, so it is difficult for him to adapt to the language (Rodriguez 9-11).   This makes him feel out of place.   At...

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