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Hunger Games Review

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  • on April 6, 2011
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Hunger Games Literary Review

    The Hunger Games is a magnificent book, and will eventually be considered as a classic. Suzanne Collins wrote this book to show readers her interpretation of the future and how she sees what the U.S. will become. This book was amazing and cant wait to read the others that are said to be just as good! In this book what everyone use to know as America, eventually turned into Panem.
    The Capitol runs all of Panem, in which it has all the luxuries and all other 12 districts are considered poor. The Hunger Games is a televised event where 24 contestants, 1 boy and girl   from each district fight in an outdoor arena until only one teenager is left standing. The winner of the games gets luxuries and relief of work in their lifetime. The main character, Katniss Everdeen, lives in district 12 with her mom and sister. Their family has a really rough time living day to day and having Katniss hunt for all the food.At the drawing for the two contestants, Katniss’s sister was originally drawn. Since he sister is only 12 or 13 Katniss didn’t even hesitate about stepping in and taking her spot. District 12 is wishing her the best of luck since not one person has gotten close winning the games in 30 years. Then she surprises everyone at how talented she is with a bow and arrow as she practices days before the games began, and her answers and present at the live interview. What Katniss didn't know was that her opponent from the same district Peeta Mellark had a secret crush on her. Katniss became the definite viewer favorite.

The way Collins uses description in this book is just phenomenal. You get the feeling of actually being there and can get a clear picture of what the future Panem holds.The Hunger Games is the first book in the trilogy. As with many other readers it is easy to say how exciting it is to seesdwhgjgkaghfgajh what happens in the next hunger games. Readers that enjoy science fiction or action books for example Harry Potter...

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