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Human Resource Management Essay

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Running Head: International HRM

International HRM
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International HRM
Executive Summary
In the paper I have discusses the aspects in which organizations practice HRN and the issues arising after implementation of HRM. I have majorly discussed the issues pertinent to job satisfaction of employees, selection of employees on merit basis and uprightness of Human Resource Managers. I chose these issues to talk about because presently these issues are taking place in almost every organization some or the other way. Some employees are might satisfied from their job but they do not get performance appraisals, which become a reason for dissatisfaction. Moreover, discrimination and prejudice are also dominant these days, which take away the rights of deserving candidates and create a sense of hatred in them for the organization. I considered these issues very important therefore discussed them in the paper. Moreover, human resource management team should give prior importance to humans not work. Because many time HR managers consider their duty as selecting the employees that become profitable for the organization but they forget about the profits of those individuals.

1. The Introduction on IHRM
In modern organizations, there is always a constant change that one cannot ignore. New technologies replace old ones, working procedures acquire modification, rules and regulations get variations as time passes and most importantly human resource does not even remain constant. In fact, humans are responsible for all the other changes taking place in the organization. New staff gets in the organization with new and creative ideas moreover; old ones also change their beliefs, attitudes and values as every other thing changes in the organization. Due to this constant change, many trends take place in the organization such as complexity of employment and hierarchy of managers and...

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