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How to Improve Your Memory Essay

  • Submitted by: emmawills
  • on May 21, 2012
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My Plan

Mental images

Michael Rough and Richard Atkinson (1975) experiment
The key word technique
Shopping lists in images


Grouping words together
Weston Bousfield (1953) experiment
George Mandler (1967) experiment


What we already know i.e. going to the cinema
John Bransford and Marcia Johnson (1972) experiment
Washing clothes

            Improving your memory
              By Kelly Griffiths

Cognitive psychologists have researched into the area of memory and recall. Their research shows that by organising thoughts in various ways is linked to improve memory and recall. The purpose of this essay is to consider the ways in which three different strategies can be used to improve memory. First research involving mental images will be considered, second concepts will be considered, finally the essay will show how schemas are linked to improve memory.

Mental images
The term mental images means that instead of us just thinking in words, think of a picture/image to go along with that word and try to think of it as colourful and bizarre as you can as we are more likely to remember stranger looking objects than what we are of objects we see more regular.
It has been proved that by using mental images when learning a new language people are able to remember the basic vocabulary more easily, this is called the key word technique. The key word technique was developed by Michael Rough and Richard Atkinson (1975) they experimented on two groups of people by asking them to learn sixty Spanish words and only one group were taught how to use the key word technique when both groups were later tested the group that learned the key word technique scored a lot more than the group that didn’t learn it by 88% to only 28%.
There have been a number of experiments carried out to support the fact that we have a better memory when using mental images one of them being when we do our shopping lists write down the items...

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