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How To Evaluate Efl Students : Some Useful Hints Essay

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  • on December 16, 2011
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Below is an essay on "How To Evaluate Efl Students : Some Useful Hints" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

How to Evaluate EFL Students :
Some Useful Hints on Students Assessment Techniques

1. Introduction

  For any teacher , evaluating his/her students is an integral part of the teaching-learning process . It should be noted that the students evaluation should include not only measurement but also interpretation and judgment , it should also provide positive and supportive feedback to EFL students . The essence of the present communication is that the EFL students evaluation should be an integral part of good teaching practice , it tries to shed light on some essential problematic points notably :

    • What to evaluate :   the effectiveness of the lecture , course content or student achievement , or what   ?
    • What are the most common students assessment techniques , and how can we adopt and adapt them   to the Algerian EFL student   ?.

There should be a thorough evaluation plan for the new initiative to create
interdisciplinary, team-taught courses or programs. The evaluation plan should focus on four elements: students’ learning outcomes, the success of specific courses, and the
benefits of the program as a whole in both the short and long run.

Before considering the content of this worksheet, we should become familiar with the meanings of three central terms:   measurement, assessment, and evaluation According to Cross, K.P., & Angelo, T.A. (1988): Measurement is collecting information on the frequency or extent of something, Assessment, a broader term, involves collecting information on the progress of students" learning. It may include, but is certainly not limited to, measurement activities. Observation data also provide information for assessment. Some writers feel that the old meaning of the term Assessor', as one who takes time to sit with a person in order to develop an understanding of that person's situation, captures what a teacher does when assessing a student. Evaluation is making a judgment about the degree of merit or worth of the...

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