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How to Design a Small Bedroom Essay

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  • on April 14, 2013
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How to design a small bedroom

A bedroom must reflect your personality. This is a space where you are most at ease, and this room, whether small or big, must meet your requirements. Simple ideas like light paints on walls, simple flooring, appropriate sized furniture and a more open design can make the room look roomier. Stick to geometric, simple patterns for upholstery and fabrics. Even in the smallest places you can use the room effectively, I’m going to help you design small bedroom step by step in designing.
A bedroom is a private space. This is the space where you can be most yourself and forget all inhibitions. This is why your bedroom must be a reflection of your personality. It can be challenging to design a small room, especially if you are the kind of person who likes to add too many small things to give character to your personal space. However, a bedroom is a place to relax and unwind and with some simple tips, you can definitely add your personal touch to your tiny room without making it look smaller.
Create An Uncluttered Look
Your bedroom can look much tinnier if you have too much furniture in it. If you are an owner of a small bedroom, the first thing to understand is the less you have the more room you’ll have. This basically means that less furniture and personal belongings leads to more open space. If you can’t really see the outlines of your bedroom clearly, you have too much stuff. To create a bedroom decor that instantly relaxes you and draws the attention of a viewer away from the small space, you must have decent amount of floor space.
Buy Appropriate Sized Furniture
Most bedrooms are defined by the bed that dominates them. If you own a large king-sized bed, it may be time to go furniture shopping. Choose a more suitable bed; a queen sized bed might be ideal for your bedroom. Also, choose furniture that is proportionate to your bed. This means that chairs, night stands and chests should also be smaller as well. Choose a...

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