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Hospitality Industry Essay

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I am not sure if I picked the tourism/hospitality industry or it picked me.   I look back on the last thirteen years and realize that I have been working in the industry most of my entire working life.   It has always come naturally to me.   I finally decided to take classes in the field simply because I knew that if I wanted more from the industry it would be viable to take classes.   I have found that I need to be constantly tested and have challenges to overcome in order to feel like I am actually doing anything worthwhile.   If that is not the hospitality industry than I don’t know what is.
It is hard to pinpoint one job or experience that prepared me for this industry.   In fact as I get older I begin to realize that all of my experiences have created whom I am and have helped to direct me down my current path.   However, there have been defining moments in my life that I know, now that I look back on them, have placed me on the path I currently walk.   My first would be my trip to Europe.   I was twenty years old with 10,000 in the bank and I decided that instead of buying a car like all the other kids that I wanted to spend my hard earned money exploring the world.   I had lived too long in a small town and felt it was time to get real experience.   I traveled alone, backpacking around many different countries for eight months and finally had to have my parents pay for me to get back home.   I had seen so much but also felt empty inside because I had no one to share it with.   I got the travel bug but now know that the next time I travel I would want to go with someone.   The second would be my choice to stay in my job as a Blackjack Dealer rather than taking the job in Homeland Security.   I had just graduated from college and had applied to many different jobs in Government.   However, the job that I wanted was unavailable at the time and I decided to just hold off from taking any other job.   Instead I moved to Tahoe, California and worked as a dealer.   I enjoyed the...

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