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Hortatory Exposition Essay

  • Submitted by: Baby_Lavelicia
  • on February 22, 2008
  • Category: English
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Have your say!
Each month in Have your say! We ask you to tell us what you think on an important science and technology issue. This month's issue is: Should we be spending millions on the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI)? We had a terrific response, with readers divided equally on the question. Have you made up your mind yet?
I definitely believe that we should be spending millions looking for extraterrestrials. I know some people think it is a waste of money because there are many things on your own planet we could spend the money on, but I do not think that this stop our quest for knowledge. Here are my arguments.
Firstly, if there is another kind of form out there, we need to know about it. Imagine what would happen if aliens just suddenly arrived on Earth and we were not prepared for them. It would be a disaster, even if they did not mean to hurt us. the film E. T: The Extra-Terrestrial shows how things could go wrong. The only way   to be prepared for contact with aliens is to find them first.
secondly, if we find life on another planet it might help the human species survive. For example, if Earth becomes impossible to live on because of global warming, the hole in th ozone layer or some other environmental problem, we might be able to go to that planet to live.
Thirdly, finding life on another planet might make humans behave better. It might make us be nicer to each other   because we would see we were all part of the one specie. We would also have to stop believing that the universe was ours, and that might make us take better care of our own planet.
To sum up, I think we should spend as much money as we can on searching for extraterrestrial for the good of all human. Beside, I think there must be something out there and I would really like to know what it is and where it is. Wouldn't you?

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