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Hitler Vs Stalin Essay

  • Submitted by: darkpope
  • on January 4, 2011
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Compare and contrast the circumstances and the special traits their character which made Hitler’s and Stalin’s rise to power possible.

Several political figures in the past century left their mark in history. Two of the most prominent ones were Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler. It is interesting enough, to have a insight on the similarities and differences the two men shared in terms of the circumstances which assisted them into rising to power, their excellent use of propaganda and the means by which each of those individuals used in order to control the masses. Additionally, the situation that prevailed in Germany and Russia before, but also, during their political action is worth mentioning.  
        The circumstances in which Hitler and Stalin rose to power can be said to be similar because both Hitler or Stalin took to their personal advantage the destabilization of the state. In Russia it was the November Revolution in which the Bolsheviks under leadership of Lenin seized power and overthrew the provisional government. In April 1922 Stalin was appointed by Lenin as the Secretary of the Communist Party. In that time, however, this was not a very important post, however, it had a great influence on those who joined the Party – so Stalin could fill the Party with his supporters. After the death of Lenin, Stalin ruled the Party together with Zinoviev and Kamenev – the Party Centre, Stalin abandoned Trotsky’s idea of international revolution in favor of the ‘revolution in one country’. In 1929 Trotsky was exiled as a result of successful ‘triumvirate’ with Kamenev and Zinoviev. After that, however, Stalin soon consolidated with Bukharin (right-wing) to remove them. After winning over the over the Left Stalin outmaneuvered Bukharin, who was one of the victims of the Purges in 1937-38 which had removed the last opposition to Stalin.
Germany, defeated in the First World War, was transformed into a parliamentary democracy – the Weimar Republic. This, however,...

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