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High School Dropouts Essay

  • Submitted by: sarahvallera
  • on November 1, 2011
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Why Teenagers Are Dropping Out of High School
Many teenagers at New Bern High School make the foolish mistake of dropping out of high school. Some are pregnant and they don’t have the money for child care. Several have lack of attendance and poor grades. A number of them need a job to help out their family. Others just aren’t interested. More than a few are abusing illicit drugs.              
They don’t realize the consequences they have just created for themselves and possibly, to others who are close to them. We are told at a very young age that education is the key to success, so why are so many teenagers dropping out? I feel that my generation wants everything to be handed to them on a silver platter, and they expect a diploma to just be handed to them without having to undertake any hard work. But, whatever the reason may be, we need to find a solution to this problem.
According to my survey, most people felt that pregnancy was the most minor reason for why teenagers are dropping out of high school. I find that very surprising, because while I was in high school I had at least one pregnant girl in each of my classes.   I noticed it made her extremely stressed out and hard to focus on her work. She was usually absent every other day, and late almost every day. Pregnancy causes problems for both the mother and father. The father is also likely to drop out so he can support his family. The mother usually drops out because she needs to take care of her child, or she is just way too far behind in her work and has too many absences. Students feel like dropping out would just make things a lot easier, and that’s just one less thing they have to worry about. But again, they don’t realize the complications they’re only creating for themselves. They don’t realize that dropping out of high school makes receiving a sustainable income more difficult. Teenage parents need to understand that they need high school to better their lives, so they can support their child,...

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