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Health and Safety Assignment, Roles and Responsibilities Essay

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Health and Safety Assignment
Task 1
Roles and Responsibilities
  1. Identify the persons who are responsible for Health and Safety on the project described.
List the main site personnel.
Site Manager
Assistant Site Manager
In-house Architects
Quantity Surveyors
Domestic and Specialist Sub-contracting firms
Identify their roles and responsibilities in respect of Health, Safety and Welfare.
I will now identify the roles of the persons who are responsible for Health, Safety and Welfare on the project.
Site Manager/Assistant Site Manager = Principal Contractor.
It is the responsibility of the Sit Manager/Assistant Site manager to make sure that Health and Safety is followed at all times in accordance with current Health and Safety legislation.
In-House Architects = Designers.
The Architects ensure that health and Safety are incorporated into the design of the structure to minimise risk during construction and through maintenance.
Engineers and Quantity Surveyors = Employees.
Should be best informed of Health and Safety so their work can be carried out efficiently and effectively. Cost must not compromise Health and Safety.
Domestic and Specialist Sub-Contracting Firms = Sub-Contractors and Self-Employed.
Must work closely with the Principal Contractor (Site Manager/Assistant Site Manager) on Health and safety matter in accordance with the main Health and Safety plan and task specific risk assessments and method statements.
Client = Public
Need to be aware of the potential hazards of construction sites.
  2. Define the general legal duties for Health, Safety and Welfare as specified by the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 that are applicable to this project.

What are the main requirements of this Act in respect of construction projects?
The main requirements of the ‘Health and Safety at Work Act 1974’ in respect to construction according to the Health and Safety Executive, (HSE) (2012a) are:
Site Organisation

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