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Happy Ending? Essay

  • Submitted by: dedicate2me
  • on May 3, 2012
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After flipping a coin, the face side comes out. Is this face side is front or back? People may have a similar answer. However, that answer is not hundred percent correct because there is not any absolute answer for this question. The way to answer of this question is truly based on the theory and knowledge that people have and believe. “A Doll House” is the play by Henrik Ibsen that may lead people to think about the coin question again because this play’s ending may be interpreted in various ways and also various perspectives. The main protagonist, “Nora Helmer”, left her three children, husband, and a traditional 19th century life at the end of this play. From this point of view, it is more likely unhappy ending. However, I strongly think that this ending is happy even if “Nora” left her family and her previous life behind. The reason she left her family is because of her willingness to find her own happiness in her life. Furthermore, this is more likely tragedy because her husband “Trovald Helmer” loses all his stable life.
The author, Henrik Ibsen, explained the new social model of happiness with proposing feminism by main character “Nora” at the end of this play. “Nora” is the lady who has three children and husband. This is usual family form in the 19th century in Europe. Similar to usual husbands in that period, her husband, “Helmer”, is conservative man who cannot understand high social status for women. Furthermore, his family values and moral values are intensely straight and clear.   Unlike her husband, “Nora” borrowed the money to help her husband with immoral conduct, which is using her father’s signature even if he was passed away two days before. This is because her moral value is different. However, even thought the money is fully used for her husband, Nora’s action cannot be justified by her husband. If this play ends without any reactions from Nora, this would be ordinary male chauvinism, which is the common social structure in 19th century in...

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