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Handicap Of Definition Essay

  • Submitted by: Jmount88
  • on April 15, 2012
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                                    Definition vs. Stereotype
When I was sitting in English class reading this text by William Raspberry, the whole essay kind of upset me because to me he was talking is expense’s and trying to represent the black people in whole. I’m a 40 year old male and I don’t know what it is to be black but I have many black friends and I never heard any of them talk about wait they could not do because they were black it was what they were going to do because they were black. Raspberry talks about or states “the question what it means to be black”(293). How can does one person think he can define a whole race?
Mr. Raspberry, talks about if a white man is called black it is a compliment in some fields, but in other it is an insult, and for some black children that are called acting white is a insult. What gives a person the right to determine who a person is by the way the act? If a black child has goals of education is a hard worker speaks proper English, why would you look at him for trying to be white and not look at him as trying to have a bright future?
“One reason black youngsters tend to do better at basketball, for instance, is that they assume they can do it well, and so they practice constantly to prove themselves right”(294) is how
William opens the 8th paragraph. I see this as racism directed toward his own people. If your trying to make a point on how black people are defined why would you help in the definition?
You can’t infect a child with the will to be great at math, you are or you’re not hell I have tried to be great at math for years and I’m not, I’m I trying to be black? There are many great black men and woman, and if you were to resource their history I’m sure you will find that there where many “handicaps” that they all had to deal with but they did not define them self’s in a definition. Mr. Raspberry says “Maybe Jews have an innate talent for communication; maybe the...

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