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Hamlet Essay

  • Submitted by: kyleabo
  • on June 12, 2012
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Hamlet; Wimp or serial killer?

Richard Madelaine published as reading of hamlet, in which he commented on the character Hamlet, this reading was called, Hamlet; wimp or serial killer. This section-discussed weather Hamlet was a scared, act less character or a ruthless, professional killer. The play provides us with extensive evidence of hamlet leaning towards the wimp and not the serial killer; Richard Madelaine also presents solid evidence towards this matter, relating to the text and the views of different readers. From my reading and thus formed perception of Hamlet I agree with Richard and will discuss and explain the perceived view of hamlet.

The character Hamlet, in the beginning is presented to us as a kind caring passionate individual, morning the death of his father this building up the characteristics of a wimp. Richard Madelaine states “Hamlets particular set of emotional baggage makes him appealing to romantics”. From the beginning we start to form our view of young Hamlet, he is presented as a sad, confused and caring individual in the second scene when we see him grieving over the death of his father. Claudius in the line “tis sweet and commendable in your nature Hamlet, to give these morning duties to your father” presents to us the immediate opinion that Hamlet is a caring and sad individual. These characteristics of Hamlet lead us to then form the opinion that he is week and unwilled, this is shown by the metaphor “this too too solid flesh would melt, thaw and resolve its self into a dew”; this is saying that he cant take it and he just wants to disappear and not have to deal with this. These crucial traits already present to us a weak and unwilled individual building up to the perception and characteristics of wimp.  

The play leads us deeper in to the personality and mind of the young Hamlet, thus further forming our view of Hamlet as an indecisive, un-acting and unwilled individual. Richard Madelaine states “Hamlet is ready to...

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