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Gun Control in America Essay

  • Submitted by: chance818
  • on July 22, 2012
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Chance Barry
ENG 090 N1
Instructor Cooper
July 12, 2012
Gun Control in America
Gun control in America is a sensitive subject for many people. Some Americans have guns for their personal protection and disagree with the gun control laws while others support it. The upward rise in violent crimes with guns have left people wondering, should Americans be able to own guns or should they be banned?
People own guns for several reasons, some have guns for protection while others have them for sport or pleasure. The ones who use the guns for protection feel that the gun control laws can take away a person’s right to protect themselves and loved ones.   Those who own guns and know that they have protection if they need it feel a sense of security. For example, if someone is breaking in your house you don’t know if that person is breaking in to steal something or to cause harm to you or your family; that is when you need a gun for protection. If someone is breaking in and sees that you have a gun they will ultimately run away whereas if you are unarmed the intruder knows you have no way to defend yourself.
The use of guns by responsible people can and does reduce violent crimes. The conceal carry law has allowed many Americans to obtain a permit to carry a concealed gun. These individuals go through background checks and have to have no criminal record to be able to obtain this permit.   This allows responsible people to carry their gun on them almost everywhere they go and has stopped many violent crimes. For example, a man came into a convenience store and pointed a gun at the cashier not knowing that there was a man in the store with a concealed weapon. The man in the store yelled out loud and the intruder turned his gun and fired at the man in the store, the man fired back shooting the intruder in the leg and stopping the crime. Later, after everything had calmed down the man and cashier learned that the intruder had shot and killed a cashier the previous day at...

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