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Go Ask Alice - Bookreport Essay

  • Submitted by: darzoking
  • on October 20, 2012
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Go ask Alice - anonymous
A real Diary
A. Introduction:
The title of the Book is Go ask Alice and there is not really an author the the book since it is a diary. So this diary is written by Alice. Personally i picked out this book because it was a different type of book that I do not read that much. It was special. When I read on the back of the book it got my a bit excited and thrilled because it was very a “teenage” type of book. Since I am in fact a teenager and the back of the book was about teenagers addiction to drugs I knew directly from that moment, this was the right book for me. This book is a diary, so that would be true life.

B. Summary of the plot (Overview/account)
The storyline of this book is about how this little teenager named Alice is going through her youth as a mental drug addict. Alice is a regular kid going to school like all the others. One day the drugs come into her life and she desperately starts to do everything she can to stop it. One day when Alice is at a party in the house of a girl called Jill. At the party this one guy brought a special tray with fourteen bottles of coke. In Ten bottles the guy had put LSD in them (drugs). Everybody there at the party grabbed a coke and started drinking them. It was a little game about finding out who ever gets the drinks mixed with LSD. As you may have thought about it already, Alice got one of those with the drugs. She suddenly began to feel shaky and strange inside her body. It was something she did on the spur of the moment , and she will regret it for the rest of her youth/life.

The other people at the party looked after her until she started getting better and one of her girlfriends helper her back home. As she got home, the house was completely dark and everyone was asleep meaning nobody in her family, not her parents, not her siblings. Nobody knew that she had been taken drugs that night. The weird thing was that Alice didn’t know a single thing about the LSD being mixed up with...

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