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Global Climate Change Essay

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Environmental Issues (Global Climate Change)

For year’s people all of the world have been depleting the earth’s natural resources and destroying their own environments. People have also drastically changed their local area by cutting down trees and building cities. This is also known as deforestation. All these activities are making our current global climate unbalanced. Due to the severe heat waves and colder climates in some areas, serious health issues have arisen due this. There has been an increase of infectious diseases, fresh water supplies, and food production.
This climate change is caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the lower atmosphere. These gases are increasing due to excessive combustion of fossil fuels (which release carbon dioxide) and deforestation (because forests remove carbon from the atmosphere).
Climate change has been increasing natural disasters. Floods and droughts have been on the up rise. Floods for instance are hitting areas that are not prepared to handle such disaster. One such example was hurricane Katrina that devastated Louisiana. I have been in Virginia since 1997. In that time we have been hit with 3 Hurricanes which has caused significant damage to a lot of areas.
Our current air pollution is getting worse. Our air is full of particles and gases that affect our health. These particles carry pollutants from fossil fuel emissions and fungal spores. As it rains, these pollutants are put back into our soil, lakes and streams.
We as a nation have to start being smarter so we can decrease the global climate changes. People have to realize that we only have one earth. In my humble opinion, our earth will only take so much before it says, “This is enough”. I also believe that the earth has a way of snapping to reset itself. This may or may be the end of mankind as we know it.

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