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Gilbert's Grape Essay

  • Submitted by: jetlee3
  • on June 16, 2011
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Gilbert’s Grape Essay                                                                        

In the film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, a strong relationship is developed between Gilbert and Becky. Becky does bring to Gilbert change so that he can view his world in a different light. Gilbert is a good kid bogged down by his responsibilities. People can always relate to too much responsibility being foisted upon them, so even if you can’t relate to Gilbert’s small town problem you can relate to Gilbert. He is decent around Momma as he never says anything to her face. This is Gilbert's way of dealing with the fact that his mother is overweight.

He also treats his Momma, with love and compassion. He never does or says anything to her face that would emphasize the enormity of her weight problem. One example of this is when Tucker is fixing the floor boards because they can't hold the weight of Momma and need reinforcement.   What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, a young man’s destiny appears to only evolve around keeping a watchful eye on his family & in particular, his brother & embarrassingly obese mother. Gilbert’s younger brother, Arnie, is mentally-impaired & unintentionally holds Gilbert back from experiencing life. When a stranger who is just “passing through” comes into Gilbert’s miserably routine life, his world is upturned with Gilbert experiencing more than he could ask for.

In the end, Gilbert must learn that balancing tragedy and harsh reality with his dreams and desires is part of life, and is the key to releasing his repressed happiness.

What Is A Family? --The word “family” is unique, special, and controversial among different cultures and ethnicities. As defined by Random House Western Dictionary, a family is “any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins” (Dictionary.com). Although the definition from Random House follows the infamous proverb of, “blood is thicker than water,” my definition of family...

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