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Five Paragraph Essay

  • Submitted by: vamorrill
  • on October 6, 2011
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Five Paragraph Essay about changes in the characters of “The Miracle Worker”
The Miracle Worker, written by William Gibson, is the story of how one person can enter the lives of others and change them forever.   Annie Sullivan enters the Keller’s family’s home and through her work manages to teach Helen, who is deaf, mute and blind about language. At the end, all of the character’s perceptions of the world changes, as well as her own world-view. The “miracle” that she works, not only teaches Helen language but also has a direct effect on everyone’s life and the way in which they live it. The next three paragraphs will analyze how three characters, Annie Sullivan, Kate Keller, and James Keller made personal discoveries that, by the end of the story, changed who they were.
The first character to be presented is Annie Sullivan. In this play Gibson writes about Annie Sullivan’s internal and external conflicts. Annie came to Alabama to teach Helen, a blind, deaf girl, how to communicate. Annie has an immediate conflict with Helen’s father, Captain Keller, and when she meets the wild and undisciplined Helen, Annie has an even bigger conflict with her. In addition to these external conflicts, Annie also has an internal one. The death of a younger brother can be devastating but this is something in which Annie Sullivan had to face.   In addition, Annie has horrible feelings of guilt over the death of her younger brother Jimmie, and because of the hurt this death caused, Annie has decided never to love anyone else. Eventually, however, all Annie’s conflicts get resolved when she teaches Helen what a word is, and when Captain Keller sees that Annie is able to teach Helen, Annie’s conflict with him is over. In resolving her external conflicts, Annie also resolves her internal conflict as she discovers that she is able to love again. The resolution of her external conflicts has led to the resolution of her internal conflict as Helen takes the place of her little brother in her...

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