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File Protection Schemes Essay

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File Management
In this paper we will be discussing how to specify a protection scheme in UNIX® on a system that supports 5,000 users. This protection scheme will allow 4,990 of the original 5,000 users to access a specified file within the system, while disallowing the other 10 users to access the specified file. I will be discussing three different ways of implementing these types of protection schemes within the system.

The first and most extensive way of implementing this type of protection scheme would be creating a group within the system, then taking each of the individuals that we want to allow access to the file and then adding them to the group that was created. After the group is created, and each of the 4,990 members are added to that group, we would have to create an allow access to the specified file by that group. Alternately, we could allow access to the file through an Access Control List or ACL. ACL’s were the answer to the possible needs of having a very large number of users and groups that may be needed in some systems and are used because of UNIX “limiting the maximum number of groups any one user can belong to, as well as the total number of groups possible on the system” (Stallings, 2012, p. 559). ACL’s have become common in modern UNIX and UNIX-based systems which include “FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Linux, and Solaris” (Stallings, 2012, p. 559). Each user using UNIX is assigned a user ID that uniquely identifies them to the system. The systems administrator can then assign these user IDs and other groups, if they need, to the specified file.

The next method that I thought of was using file encryption to allow access to the file. In this type of scheme the users are allowed access to the folder(s) where the specified file is located, but are only able to access the file if they have a password to access the file. In this way the need for a specified group is not needed and the main user groups (owner, group, and other) could be given...

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