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Fear Can't Hurt You Anymore Than a Dream Essay

  • Submitted by: magdamaratova
  • on October 11, 2012
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Below is an essay on "Fear Can't Hurt You Anymore Than a Dream" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

“Fear can’t hurt you anymore than a dream“
When people say fear they imagine only bad things which are connected to it. They imagine danger, stress, most of them will think about darkness and night. Whereas when they say dream, they instantly have only good and happy thoughts, such as a place where they would want to grow old, their dream jobs and so on. Why? Why do people not think about the bad consequences of dreams? Why people think that fear is connected with something which is rather awful? People do not realise that it is exactly fear who pushes people further. It is fear who makes people do something more, to truly do their best.
“ You live only once, live your life the best way you possibly can“ – people come across these types of quotes most of the time. These quotes push people to enjoy their life, to do everything they can, to expand their options. If, in the end, they will try to fulfill this resolution they will have to fight all sorts of obstacles in their way. However, the human kind is known for its laziness, that is why many people just give up their dreams and make peace with what they have. They start to adjust to their enviroment and after a while they will dream about the things they wanted to accomplish, the things they wanted to do. Eventually the dream will become their another reality, their own little world, where they can imagine everything they have always wanted. In a way dream is always even more dangerous than fear. These types of people, the so called   “dreamers“   do not realise the consequences of their imagination. Their perception of reality changes. This is typical for girls, because of the fact how suspectible they are. If they read some sort of a harlequin book they will automatically assume, that a knight will come and fight for their love. After all this they will scorn the society in which they have everything including friends, family etc.   This is the biggest problem of dreams and leting your guards down.
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