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Fantasies Essay

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  • on April 26, 2012
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The Deadly Fantasies
Children have an imagination which may consist of an imaginary friend that they can talk to you, but only that child is able to see that imaginary friend, or in this story “fantasies”. In “There Are Fantasies in the Park” Marion Markham changes that by using detail to show the reader that a child’s imagination could become actuality.
Markham used detail in Fantasies to show us the young boy’s imagination. “He has a long shaggy mane, and when he sleeps with his mouth open, his tongue is bright red-like blood,” Markham uses detail to show that the fantasy has a long mane like a large animal would have. Markham also uses detail to describe the fantasies tongue as a bright red like blood, if the fantasies tongue was red like blood which makes it seem dangerous. “Sometimes I don’t notice anything but Tibby’s sharp teeth,” the detail in this sentence says that Tibby has sharp teeth which could mean that he eats meat. Markham uses detail in that sentence show that the fantasies in the tree could be deadly and could hurt someone if they were real. The detail used to put this story together was used in a way to show how real a child’s imagination could be.
In Markham’s “Fantasies Are in the Park” he gives many examples of detail. The “fantasies” in the story seem to be real, but also fake because fantasies are images of the mind, but in the story the author turns the boy’s imagination into reality by causing one of the “fantasies” to kill the boy’s sister. What people can learn from this passage is that kid imagination could be made into reality.

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