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Family Genogram Essay

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Family Genogram: Browns and Olsens
University of Phoenix
Family Genogram: Browns and Olsens
At least once in their lifetime, most people have exclaimed the words, “I have got to be adopted!” Typically, this is said in jest during a light-hearted moment spent with family.However, it does raise the question, what is the significance in the interaction of influences of heredity, genetics, and environmental factors that makesfamily members so similar and yet so different? For instance, how is that in one out of five children in the same family, with the same parents, growing up in the same environment, can turn out to be a delinquent, or as some may call, the ‘black sheep of the family’, while the other four siblings go on to become successful, productive members of society? How is it that this author’s nose is identical to that of her great-great-great-grandmother a century ago? How do certain familial genes continue to endure generation after generation? To try and answer some of these questions, this writer’s family is going to be examined and, much like peeling an onion, as the characteristics of each generation are peeled back, it may be possible to find answers to some of these questions, or at least a better understanding.
Physical Features
Along with the previously mentioned familial nose, this writer’s family shares several other physical features supporting the theory that genes are able to endure throughout the generations through the mitosis, meiosis, and fertilization process (Santrock, 2007). One of the more obvious characteristics on the paternal side is the double-chin, what has been called the ‘Brown Chin’ for as long as this author can remember. Another, more flattering trait, that many on the paternal side share are the bright blue eyes, which is a common German trait.
According to the 19th Century monk,...

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