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Factors Affecting Communication Essay

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Task1 - explain factors that may influence communication and interpersonal interactions in health and social care environments
In this first part of the assignment, I will be explaining the factors which may influence communication and interpersonal interactions within health and social care environments. I will be specifically looking at factors such as communication preferences, the environment in which communication takes place, the experience and training of staff, barriers and defects, and communication and language needs of the individual or service user of health and social care.
Communication preferences are an important factor when it comes to influencing communication within health and social care. The type of language that is used is particularly significant. Most people will have a preferred first language, and when this isn’t noticed, or used correctly in can affect the way any form of communication is received. This effect can also be a result of not using correct signs or symbols to communicate with a particular person. In addition, using terminology in the wrong way, or to an extent which sees it as being to excessive, can severely affect the way a message is understood. People may not understand “slang” words, which may be extremely familiar to others whereas to some people it may create confusion as to the meaning of the message. Dialect and jargon are another good example of this – people will use this to different degrees within their own communities to communicate with each other, but this can effectively be seen as a barrier to communication, because they could create difficulties in understanding what is actually being said, and things could be misconstrued, or otherwise completely changed.
The environment is also a key factor when it comes to good and effective communication. A poor surrounding, or a bad atmosphere can make an individual feel uncomfortable, creating a negative barrier to communication – just as a good use of the...

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