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Explain the importance of gravity. Essay

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‘Gravity’ the word dates back to two hundred years ago when the prominent English physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton first recognized it. It is said to have been an incident, (where he sees an apple fall from the tree and begins to question himself) which helped him recognize this strange force. Yes, this is a strange force because no one till date knows, what is the real secret of mass playing a role to cause gravity. It wasn’t until Einstein when the definition of the gravity was changed. His interpretation of gravity was totally different from that of the Newton’s. He indeed introduce a new term called ‘fabric of space-time’. His definition of gravity in a simple English was “mass tell space-time how to warp and in turn fabric of space-time tells mass how to move”. And here, he defines that gravity is not a force at all. Whatever be the definition of the gravity or our understanding, for sure gravitational force is very important and plays a vital role in everyday life. Just to tell how important gravity is, imagine if there was no gravitational force.

Of course if gravity wasn’t there we wouldn’t even have been existing. And what can be more important than it being a threat to our very own existence. Everything we do, are all the consequences of the gravitational force being present. From walking to running, eating to drinking, sleeping to waking, playing to resting, and working of the various functions of our body are all done due to this force. It is worthwhile considering the importance in our daily lives. There are many machines that work using the force of gravity. For examples the turbines that is used in the generation of the hydroelectricity needs to be rotated in order to produce electricity. So how does this energy come from, it’s indirectly that gravity plays a role. Waterfall, river the source of energy for hydropower arises due to the force of gravity.

Not only it is important for we human in our daily lives but looking on the...

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